President of toastmasters meeting

World Voice Day at CN Collaborators

On Monday, April 15, “World Voice Day”, CN Collaborators Toastmasters hosted a special evening around this theme. During the evening, the club had the chance to welcome special guests from the Toastmasters family.

This evening was listened to attentively by Epitace Nobera, Director of Division G, who took on the role of grammarian to give us his feedback on the use of the French and English language. He challenged us to use “mellow” as the word of the day.

Our two-hour meeting was facilitated by an experienced member, Sudipta Maitra, who made us aware of the importance of taking care of our communication tool, the voice. During the evening, we had the
opportunity to hear three different styles of speeches.

Frédéric, a new member of the club, wanted to present advice to deliver an impactful speech. In our second speech, Benoit, member of the club since 2007, led a dynamic and interactive workshop on the sound of vowels. And finally, the last speech prepared was delivered by a guest from India, Sarangan, who was on a business trip to Montreal. Sarangan had an inspiring speech on leadership.

The second part of our meeting was moderated by Cheryl, one of the pillar members of the club. Cheryl demostrated the importance of adding a humorous touch when speaking in public. These insightful approaches allowed these members to get out of their comfort zone by exploiting their voice.