Business Session

During the business session, the members discuss the club current affairs, future activities and events. This is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the parliamentary procedure or work on your leadership by help organize and event such as a workshop or a contest.

Prepared Speeches

Become better at speaking in public is a core objective of the Toastmasters program. To improve we need to practice and this is the best place to do it: in a supportive environment where nobody will judge you if you make mistakes and everybody will provide you feedback. Each speech project from the Toastmasters program will focus on one key area: speech organization, vocal variety, gestures and many more. You choose the subject that inspire you the most for your speech. A member from the club will provide you with a detailed evaluation of your speech according to its objective. You will also get feedback from the other members of the club.

In a regular club meeting, 2 to 3 members will deliver a speech and be evaluated by their peers.

Table Topics

The idea behind the table topic session is to learn how to “Think on Your Feet”.  And the best way to learn is practice! One member (the meeting Table Topic Master) will prepare a list of secret questions on a specific subject. During the Table Topic Session, the Table Topic Master will ask a question followed by a member name. The lucky member have only a few second to think while going in from of the room and answer the question. You can share a personal story, be funny, theatrical, say the truth or not, the choice is yours. The idea is that when your boss, a date or anybody else ask you an unexpected question, you will be ready to answer with confidence.

On particular twist of CN Collaborators Club is that we do Instant Evaluation of the table topics where another member will give you immediate feedback on your performance.

Evaluation Session

In the evaluation session, everyone who participated in the meeting will get some feedback.

  • Speech Evaluators will provide feedback to the members who delivered speeches earlier in the evening.
  • The Grammarian will do is report on the level of language used in the meeting and provide ideas to improve your vocabulary and grammar.
  • The General Evaluator will evaluate everybody else who had a role in the meeting.