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Voice of our members interview : Sudipta Maitra

Can you introduce yourself and tell us how long you have been a member of the Toastmasters CN Collaborators club?

My name is Sudipta Maitra and I joined the club in 1998, while I was working with CN. My background is engineering, with an MBA and I am certified as a Project Management Professional. I have worked mostly in Information Technology, a ‘full stack’ professional with substantial experience in Project Management. Presently I am working on a cognitive science project with McGill University in Montreal.

 In one word, how would describe the CN Collaborators Toastmasters Club ?

Well, it takes more than one word!! But in one word ‘ Wonderful’. I liked the club since the very beginning. I have met many, many wonderful people some of whom I am still in touch with. It is a kind and gentle club, but totally committed to helping members become the very best that they can be. The club ambiance is such that new members very quickly buy into the club’s approach.

You recently achieved a notable distinction in the Toastmasters program. Congratulations!                                                                      Can you tell us more about it ?

Yes, I completed my ACG (Advanced Communicator Gold) certification. It is the highest achievement on the speaking track in the legacy Education Program. One has to complete four levels of 10 speeches each and also complete some special projects to obtain the ACG. I feel proud of this achievement because it is a clear example of ‘slow and steady’ as a great way to achieve our objectives.

Can you share with us a lesson you learned or a takeaway for you from the journey to this achievement ?

There are, of course, many takeaways from this journey, some of them intertwined, but if there is one that I would recommend it is planning. It is essential to identify all the work, big and small, that has to be done to reach a goal, and then to schedule them in a way that you can smartly accomplish the work. If one does not do this, there is the risk of  surprises and unexpected delays, and in some cases failure to reach the goal, a very sad and disappointing result.

Lastly, can you tell us about elements you found helpful in your personal or professional life, due to your Toastmasters experience with our club ?

The reason I joined the club, the reason I came in through the door, was a need to get control over my ability to speak in public, whether to make a presentation, to debate or make a point, or just to feel confident in a meeting. My experience at the club has allowed me to considerably improve these needs. It has also been a great place to practice my French. Another very important aspect is that being in the club allows me to continuously improve my performance through the extensive evaluation options that Toastmaster’s offers.

Thank you so much for inviting me to do this interview.

It was a pleasure Sudipta See you soon for a Toastmasters meeting at our club!



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